Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 499: 500!

It's been a long and productive trip.  I doubt that I will ever again produce so much music in so short a time.  I will be surprised if anyone I know (or don't know) has actually listened to everything I put out.  It's all been heard, even if only by a few.  Just under 18,000 plays as of today on Soundcloud, so I think I can safely say some people out there were listening.

I want to thank a few people for their encouragement and collaboration during this grand experiment.

Colin Fox (partner in crime in The 117th Parallel)
Frank Georg Lucas (excellent sound designer and composer)
Carl Holmes (awesome supporter)
Inphasouk Inthasomsack (awesome supporter)
Aaron Ciesliga (awesome supporter)
Laura Elvenly (awesome vocal collaborator)

There are a few more I'm probably forgetting, so I'm sorry if I missed you.

The album 500 Days album will be up on Bandcamp in another day or two.  To celebrate I'm making all 5 albums PWYW (Pay What You Want) for a brief period.

Thanks for listening.

Chad J. Taylor