Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 330: Well...

I just realized I'm just over a month away from having done this for an entire year.   That's kind of exciting.  It's thoughts like that which allow me to keep going and slog thru the days where I'm feeling like I should just quit.


When you thought you were holed up in a dream,
thinking of everyone you wish you could be,
You didn't want to hold yourself up anymore.
Didn't want to hold me up anymore.
When you thought you were lost in a maze,
Thinking of all the people you once saved.
You decided you didn't care anymore.
Didn't give a damn about anyone anymore.
Dragging you down, Try not to Frown.
We won't hold you back,
Give you a kiss,
Don't even miss what we had to say,
gonna have it our way.
You're not the boss of me and we all think you're a piece of shit

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