Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 351: Noises in Your House

Today's work is a project for the Disquiet Junto.  It's a little obtuse, but kind of interesting.

My first step was to find three things that have a distinctive "on/off" sound.  Those ended up being the dryer, microwave, and toaster.  The toaster was the most musical of the three, providing both melodic and rhythmic elements.  The microwave was the most melodic, having one long tone, and the dryer kind of just makes a low rumble.

Initially, I didn't alter the sounds at all and just tried to overlap them to create a natural rhythm.  Sadly, the natural rhythm wasn't very natural, so I started playing with making them sync more.  I didn't want to make it very plain, so the rhythm is still quite disjointed, something like if you had several of the actual devices and were trying to "play" them as a band.

Finally, to finish it out I created a short section that would be the most musical of all. Squashing samples, playing with pitches, and making it all "fit".  Hope you enjoy.

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