Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 60: Don't Forget the Little People

Something that I've always enjoyed is using a "complete" set of sounds to create a piece.  Usually people will put together 50 - 100 sounds in one package (A.K.A. a Refill for Reason users) and so you might spend a year going thru all of them.  In today's case the opposite is true.  Simon Janvier has a new blog that he posts various things on, including tutorials and this batch of Malstrom patches.

I've chosen this batch of patches to create a work from.  One of them, cleverly named Sigur Oz, was the inspiration for everything that followed.  It drove me to create a kind of post-rock Sigur Ros-like ambient odyssey.  Up to and including wordless vocals that mean nothing... or everything.

The drums are from the Jason McGerr drum Refill, one of the best investments I ever made in drum sounds.

I hope you enjoy today's work and be sure to go grab Simon's bundle of Malstrom patches.


  1. Excellent drum sounds and very nice layering sir.