Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 64: When I'm Sixty-four

If I was more clever I would have made today's piece related to the Beatles song, but I'm not that clever.  It's probably for the better.  I wouldn't have come up with what you hear below.

Originally, I wanted to use a non-cleared sample and just completely mutilate it so that it was unintelligible copyright infringement, but then I thought "Rhodes!  This thing needs a rhodes!" and then  I started mumbling a melody and next thing you know, it's a sad bastard jam-a-thon.

We have.
Now there's no blood on our hands,
But we give you weapons and we take all our your lands.
To be sure that we have a leg to stand.
To be sure that you will meet all our demands.
and we know you will.

Not likely that you'll give anything back.
But, sure, if you want to, you can look forward to attack.
To be sure that you can't defeat us all.
To be sure that you certainly will fall.
And you will.
We know you will.
And soon, you'll surrender to us.

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