Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 165: The UFO Changed our DNA

The four of us found ourselves standing in middle of the field, not exactly sure how we got there, feeling a little cold, and more confused.  We could remember pulling over the car to look closely at the lights we saw hovering there.

"I know that Jan took off at some point and started waving his arms like a mad man trying to hitch a ride," said Mike, giving Jan a cold look.

"Seemed logical at the time." shrugged Jan.  The other two turned and looked at him disdainfully.

"After that there was a flash of light." Mitch interjected.

"Then we woke up here." I said.

Over the next few months we would recall precious little of our encounter with the lights, but we did all begin to develop precognition, extrasensory perception, and in the case of Jan, telekinesis.  At first we were baffled by what to do with these new powers, but all four of us began to realize we had been given these so that we could save the world.

We're all so impressed, 
you just won't give up, 
take a breath, 
shut the hell up

we're all so impressed, 
you just won't look up, 
just take a breath, 
shut the hell up.

Better get back to your spaceship, 
better get back before it takes off,
I don't know what you are.

Of all the unlikely things that could happen to us, 
this must be the strangest, 
this must be the last.
and even though we can't believe what we just saw or heard.
You and I will come to believe, 
you will change the world.

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