Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 167: Inspired by the Unseen

The invasion had finally reached land.  They started on the coast and began moving inland.  Every continent at the same time.  The fly-over states were the last ones to go.  We had been hiding in our bunker for days, waiting for the explosions to begin.  When they finally did we ran outside.  Idiots.  We did the last thing you're supposed to do, but of course we wanted to see the aliens.  It turned out to be a pretty good thing that we ran out since our bunker got blown up about ten seconds after we ran out of it.  I turned and looked at my dad, helpless.

"The airport!" he said, and we both took off toward the car.  He didn't make it.  They shot him in the back.  I'd say it was a terrible way to die, but actually it was preferable to slavery and eventual consumption by the invading hordes.

We didn't believe that was what they were doing for awhile, but eventually someone stumbled on their throwaways.  A pit of body parts and half-eaten limbs.  In some cases there were heads with collars still attached to the necks.  The alien tech was so advanced that we couldn't begin to crack even their most basic design, but their collars, what seemed to be a simple radio transmission system of tracking and controls, was too advanced for us to understand.

We didn't stand a chance.

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