Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 443: In the outback

Another Junto project.  Here are the details:

My initial feelings on production were that this was going to be a boring project, but after listening to the variations that other Junto members were able to coax out of the source material I got more excited.  Getting different tones could have been very easily done, but I wanted to finesse it a little more and try to create something more nuanced.  I opted for a foldback distortion that ended up sounding (to me) a bit like a didgeradoo.  Once I had a point of focus the piece sort of fell together on its own.  A moving filter/gate applied to one piece created an intermittent pulse, another couple of pieces ended up being pads (with subtle background additional harmonics added, just for flavor; but not another instrument - done solely with effects), a last piece was additional percussion with the slightest bit of pitch bend after applying a phaser to it.    All summed it -- we're in the dreamtime.

More on this 114th Disquiet Junto project — “Combine elements of Dave Seidel’s album ~60 Hz (Irritable Hedgehog)” — at:

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The source audio is from Dave Seidel’s ~60 Hz album, released on the Irritable Hedgehog record label. More on the album at:

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