Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 453: Collaboration - Beyond the Sea

Today's music is a collaboration with a random person I met via Soundcloud.  She's in France, north of Paris.  The internet is a wonderful thing.

She felt like my instrumental track "Stuck in Three Boroughs" could use some vocals, so she recorded these and sent them my way.  I took those and worked them over quite a bit, played with the order and extended the track.  Below is the final version.

I know it's done, because I'm starting to get silly with the things that I'm tweaking every time I listen.  It's about to get to the point that I'll be doing more harm than good.

Here are her lyrics:
Drowning in this crowd wave
They're assaulting me
They're threatening me
How could I breathe?
There is no air
My lungs are squeezing
My ears are buzzing
Please someone please someone
Please someone
I'm floating in this clouds of words
Bubble brain
The story gets louder
rolling of rails
Blinding lights of trains
And now these doors are open
And the river flows
There're all together
Like a gigantic snake
Eating me alive
(Noises around
Going back and forth
They're twisting and melting my brain
Like a bee sting
with Vicodin
Blurry eyes and cotton legs
All I can do is sit and wait
these bars like trees
Are overgrowing
these hands trying to reach them
But they're escaping their grab
Rooted to the ground
like the last tight rope to prevent their fall
And they fall they fall
like feathers in autumn)

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