Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 466: Quiet Struggle

Today is a quiet meditation on dreams.  I wanted to do this project and had very specific goals in mind (not world domination, but close - that's a joke.)

I have grown immensely as an artist and producer (I feel) during this Opus.  I also feel it is very much something to be proud of.  I've created a lot of music that will hopefully get placement somewhere, someday.  I've learned SO MUCH about using Reason software, which will continue to reward everything I do musically for some time to come.  I wish I could keep it going.  Part of me wanted to go for about 3 years, but I truly would like to spend some quality time on a few projects and it's just not possible when I'm doing this every day.

Here's Day 467.  Thanks for listening.

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