Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 486: All along the pacemaker

For the Disquiet Junto:

My process in creating the "baseline" rhythm was to study the picture, in particular the top row, and look at the subdivisions therein. From the subdivisions I decided upon what would represent a "beat" for me and made those attacks a kick drum with additional noise and tonal elements built on top of it. I tried to vary the attack velocity based on the EEG readout to create some variety. It ended up being a bit more random than expected, but still musical in its own, more organic way. After this I added some "melodic" elements that are maybe less than melodic, but simultaneously created texture and melodic components. Finally, I automated the additional tonal and textural elements that were part of the kick drum and tried to shape the overall piece into something listenable and pleasant.
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