Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 75: Three-fourths

This is actually day 76 for anyone who's keeping score.  I'm hoping I can make it to Day 100.  I plan to release an album of everything here for sale on bandcamp.  It will be very cheap, just easier and faster than going day after day and downloading every single piece.

This piece was my first go-round using Simon Janvier's FM Synth Thor Refill.  I wanted to go for something completely different, but sometimes you can't control what the Muses make you do.  Then I ended up having a drink and got it into my head that lyrics were a good idea and well... it just went downhill after that.  But seriously, it's just a bit of fun and I hope you like it.  Drums came from Kikbak's free refill.

Simon, if you read this, there will be more attempts.  The first one I did with your other refill went so good I must duplicate it!

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