Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 88: Pop is Modern

Once again, an experiment to do one thing went in a completely unexpected direction.  I started off using Neutron and trying to very subtly manipulate it to try and get a "usable" sound.  Something somewhat musical, but different.  Well, I was applying it to a tasty little bass guitar lick and stumbled on to what is a very close imitation of a very scratchy bowed cello.  So, to note, the sound at the beginning of this track is not a cello, or any other string instrument.  Just a sampled bass (from the Electric Bass Refill) run thru Neutron Particle Emitter.

After that, what was going to be an experimental track mutated into a modern pop/rock tune.

You better hold on.
You wanted it, you got it.
You took it from me.

You're a holy terror,
You got holy fire,
You are wholly unholy,
Filled with desire.
I have nothing left
You took my best and threw it on the fire to die.

Ultimately, I was never going to take you back.
At least that's what you knew.
But, there is no war now.

You got a loaded mouth,
It's filled with lies.
You're sending out all your spies.
You can't try to trust,
It's too easy to kill.
You shouldn't see us as a total loss.
We're a total loss.

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