Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 81: A Chance to Breathe

Today is a rare day.  A "free" day, we'll call it.  No kids, no work, no vehicle and nothing that really has to be done.  As a result I was able to do something I rarely do now... play guitar.  There are only a couple of guitar tracks on today's work, but it was refreshing to be able to put live instruments on something and not be interrupted.

This track started as an experiment trying to use only loops, but went off the rails (as many of my experiments do - FOCUS!).  The driving force behind it is definitely a few core loops, appropriately mangled.


Steel yourself 'cause here it comes.
You don't have a way to live.
You don't have a cent to give.
You don't have any way to survive, but yet you thrive.
You walked thru the open door, not a single thought to where you were.
You challenged everyone before they even said a word.
You held us all in open court, your opinion was the judge.
You told us where we could all go and quickly walked away.
You told a lie, you told the truth, you tried to parse your words.
You split us up, you shut us up, you overcame each verb.
You thought you had the upperhand, but you only had a lie, but yet you thrive.

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