Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 95: The Shape of Things to Come

A lot of the music that people call "experimental" is really not.  I'm including myself in that statement.  There is music that is almost 100 years old that is more "experimental" than much of today's fare.  Autechre is one of the few "popular" artists that I'd say is pushing a few boundaries.  They understand that this world of digital audio is just in its infancy.  There is SO MUCH more that people will be able to do with audio as time goes by.  Even in the short time I've been making music on the computer (since 1998) it's progressed incredibly.  (My favorite example is when a drummer is listening to one of my tracks with programmed drums and they say "Who played drums on this?"  This first happened around 10 years ago.)

Not trying to get on any kind of soapbox here, just wanted to say my piece about experimentation.  Before you dismiss something as "too weird" or "just noise" give it another 30 seconds.  People said similar things about Stravinsky, punk rock, dubstep, rock'n'roll, Schoenberg, Bach, and many others.

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