Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 96: Serial Killers and Synthesizers

I just wanted to see how interesting I could make a piece if I only used the Series 1 and 2 synth modules by Ochen K.  I thought it was pretty interesting so I finished it out and added some more production value to it.

The lyrics were inspired by a TV show.  Most serial killers take a long time to get up to their first kill.  I was thinking about that and how a killer would stalk their victim, that they might even just watch them for a long time.  Like a cat playing with its prey.  This is the story of someone who sees their future victim on a couple of different occasions and just follows them home, watching them, observing, relishing in their perceived "power".

I caught you walking in the streets last night,
In the shadows, just out of sight.
I think I followed you home,
I don't know but I think I followed you home.

Watched you,
Thru the window,
While you were getting ready for bed.
That's all that happened this time.

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