Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 102: Over Shanghai

The other day while perusing Reddit I came across an entry that said something like "Joseph Gordon-
Levitt wants you to create content for his new show.  Really."  or something like that.  So, being someone who creates a LOT of content I checked it out and it was legit.  A site I'd never heard of called HitRecord.org takes content from users all over the world and gives them the ability to mash it up in any way they so choose.  It's non-exclusive and if they end up making money with it you get a share of the profits.  If they don't, it's better than it just sitting on your hard drive until it crashes and all your beautiful work is gone forever.

So, I checked out the site, found some video I liked, then immediately set about making music for it.  Today's offering is that result.  The video will be posted on the blog here once it's done.  That will be in a day at most... hopefully.  In the meantime, enjoy.

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