Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 129: Get a Little C-c-c-closer

Still learning how to use Beatchop by Quadelectra.  It's similar in many respects to Buffre by Peff, but seems to arrive at certain types of sounds easier.


To me, Buffre seems to be great at quickly creating glitch style anything, mostly due to the built in bitcrusher.  Beatchop is more of a stutter/jitter type effect.  Are they related? Yes.  If you add a bitcrush effect to Beatchop many people would be hard-pressed to tell you which is being used.  There is a fair amount of overlap, but I know that I'm getting some different results when experimenting with the two. Just as with Sugarbytes Slice Arranger or Ochen K's Glitch - the outcomes are all slightly different.  Slice Arranger is kind of an auto-mated version, but still creates some pleasurable results (to my ears).

Slice Arranger


I just want to see you smile.
Can you get a little closer to me?
I just want to hold your hand.
Can you get a little closer to me?

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