Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 122: Like a Dragon

Was watching a documentary about graffiti artists all over the world last night and a guy in Sao Paolo said "This city is like a dragon."  He followed up the metaphor with a comparison that made sense, most of which I can't remember.  I stole the line from him.

At the bottom of the river where you lay.
At the bottom of a well, I hope you'll stay.

From the top of the mountain, head in the clouds.
I can hear you shouting,
Shouting so loud.

This city is like a dragon,
Going to eat us up.
You are the hero trying to save us all.

Standing on the hilltop, sword in your hand.
Blood on your face, your claws are sharp.
We run from you, but we aren't fast enough.

This city is such a monster,
Going to chase you down the road.
This city is a hungry machine.
Don't stop feeding it.

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