Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 269: Good bye, Voyager

I was listening to the radio and they did a story about Voyager entering interstellar space (that's the space between the stars) and played two audio samples during it.  As soon as I heard the samples I knew that it would be the Disquiet Junto project for that week.  Sure enough, Thursday night, there it was.

This was my third attempt at using the samples in a musical way.  The first was very canned and uninteresting (to me at least), the second was very experimental and weird.  Finally, I thought Why don't I make it musical and make it a good-bye song?  And this is the result.  I took the two samples and made them into a playable patch, then spun those two patches into a third one for bass (only had to drop it three octaves).  Finally, made the melodic content very sparse and a little sad, but still in a major key.  Kept the form simple (ABA) and did a small amount of mixing/mastering to balance things out.  And...


Space Music.


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