Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 270: Mr. Big Brother

This past week or so, in American media, people have been absolutely loosing their minds regarding Syria and whether or not we are going to go to war with them.  As I listened to all the talking heads and politicians trying to justify their positions it really started to seem like people were, to some degree, opposite robots.  That is, the president says left, they say right.  If he says up, they say down.  When they do the opposite of what they expect him to do (like say, be pro-war) they kind of lose their minds a little.  It felt like I was listening to and watching a real life example of doublethink, the idea proposed by George Orwell in 1984, that is two opposite ideas can be accepted and neither thought wrong or false simultaneously.

Can you deal with the loss, 
Can you deal with the rules? 
Can you deal with the fools who run this thing?
Can you deal with all the scratching and clawing up?

Just be ready to lie, roll over, beg, and be fooled.  
Double think is real.

Can you deal with the right?  
Can you deal with the left? 
Can you deal with the empty space
Where nothing was actually said? 
Can you show us how you deal?

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