Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 141: Dancing in the Dirt

A few years back I got a bass that was basically just a shell of a hollowbody (no electronics, no knobs, no strings, no machine heads).  I paid a small sum to get it playable again.  That was the genesis of this track.  After it was playable I started trying to figure out what it did well and what it didn't or couldn't do.  Turns out that it still had some tuning issues once you got above the 7th fret, so it was really just good for holding down the low end, basic rhythm section style.  It does have a great sound, so I can't say I really have any problem with it, even if that is all it does well.

Life Shaped by Instruments
The opening notes of this track are that bass.  It's pictured here on the far left.  You can't really make it out because of the filter, but that just makes it cooler.  Basically, it's a cheap Japanese bass from the 70's.  It has a very round tone.

The rest of this song came from some lyrics I wrote that went with a completely different type of song. It was a kind of Justin Townes Earle meets Modest Mouse, only not as clever as that sounds.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy and I'll see you tomorrow.

We are crawling on the ground,
There are sounds we can't hear.
We are trying to catch up to a future we hold so dear.

We have nothing to overcome.

We are dancing in the dirt.

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