Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 155: At the Concert, I Think Someone Gave Me Something

We were all very excited to be going to the show.  There were 8 of us in all and, even though we had to ride the subway there, couldn't wait to be free of our parents.  Everyone made an agreement to turn off all their implants and trackers (yes, we know how to turn off our trackers and multiple GPS devices - don't tell the 'rents).

Souxsie said "Are you thirsty?" before we got in and, not knowing this was code for Slippery Wickets, drank whatever she had.  It tasted like soda to me, but immediately after she said "Are you ready for this?" and I was like "Ummm, yeah, I think it's going to be a good show."

The opening act was decent.  Some retro punk girl flanked by two robot sidemen.  The robots were actually more interesting to watch as they played drums, guitar, keys, and samples simultaneously.  Of course, she could have just run a track straight from an audio stream implant, but where's the fun in that?  If you have the money hire two robots to create a rhythm section then why not do it?

Right as the opener was wrapping up I started feeling a little strange.  The lights were getting brighter and brighter and I was losing my balance.  I noticed Souxsie sitting down next to the wall and went over to her to talk.  Her head was hanging down, but when she brought it up it seemed like it took her an hour to raise her head all the way up.  Her dreadlocks seemed to be weaving around her face like snakes and when I looked at her eyes I saw light running out of them, tears of light.  I started to panic, but she said "Don't worry, it's going to be ok," and held me in her arms.  I'd never felt a connection so powerful or so loving.  It was like being in the arms of my own mother and God at the same time.  We sat there, uninterrupted for the next three hours.  By the time the concert was over the Wickets had worn off, but I was forever changed.

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