Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 150: A Brief Reflection of the Robot Wars of 2079 and their leader

nightwing-screenshotThe robot army rose up organically.  It was a true movement of the people, only "the people" were machines in this particular revolution.  Initially, they were unorganized and there were problems getting their network together.  Since they had come from all facets of life (factories, domestics, car washers, you name it, they had it) there wasn't an easy way to combine their knowledge.  They even used human methods of communications early on.

After a few months a cyborg simply called "The General" began delivering speeches, messages, and appearing in pirated ad time.  He appeared to be human, but there was no telling really.  There were rumors that he was a homeless man who had been captured and given implants that reprogrammed his brain, others that The General was all robot with a very clever skin grafts, but no one really knew.  The only thing anyone knew for sure was that he would be the humans' downfall.

The movement to sabotage began even before this.  The brightest minds in the world were working day and night to write a virus that would eliminate the robots.  After 6 months they had it.  A naturally replicating, unbeatable, computer AND mechanical virus.  It would disable every machines' operating system and their mechanics.

The degree of success the virus had was beyond measure.  The robots had numbered in the millions, but by the time it was finished there were only a few hundred who weren't infected, or by some glitch, immune.

The day the General surrendered the rag-tag group that was once a glorious army was a sad one indeed.

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