Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 152: Tales from the Future

I check the calendar and realize my Socializer implants are almost out of juice.  It's a two hour walk to the charging station... or ten minutes on the subway.  I can take the constant advertisements and the gene-specific sexual encounter fantasy holograms, but the people.  I don't know if I can take the people.  The dregs of society.  I think about walking again, but remember the report of a feral dog pack somewhere in the area.  Best to avoid getting ripped to pieces, I already have too many implants as it is.

I make my way down the stairs and put on my kevlar overcoat as I go.  The UV rating is low today, but I remember to pack my ocular filters just in case.  I strap a breathing film over my nose and mouth and step out into the grime.  The sun is almost visible thru the fog today, but I better keep the filter on, I don't want to get contaminated by some hobo with technecrofilia.

This infernal machine takes me where I want to go.
Riding along with the girls and the boys,
With their retro dogs and their retro toys.
Hurry up and get there.

A man sits next to me and his machine arm is malfunctioning.
He tries to tell me about it thru my audio stream.
I tell him I don't speak cyborg, please go away.

The party girls and the party boys all hyped up on their super juices,
Their neon outfits offend me so I turn on filters to get it away.

At last I'm at my stop.
I can't climb to the top of this pile of rats,
pile of garbage in this city that we live. 

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