Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 153: Your Turn - When Robots Give the Massage

Anxiously, I waited my turn.  Not sure what the proper etiquette was for a place like this I opted to keep my eyes focused on my hands that were placed politely in my lap.

Occasionally, I'd sneak glances around the room at the other patrons. A man infected with technecrophilia, no wonder he's here, no one else will touch him.  A straight laced business man sits in the corner, pretending to be absorbed by the web stream he has beamed into his ocular receiver.  Probably watching videos of his kids.  A construction worker, broad-shouldered and still filthy from a days work on the ground floor of the city.  Lastly, a chain-smoking man with two mechanical hands.

Must've got caught stealing somewhere in the Middle East.  That'll teach him, I guess.  Of course, he must be pretty wealthy to be able to afford cigarettes and the license to smoke them.

Then I hear them call me.

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