Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 226: On Being Under Surveillance

Today is another installment in the Disquiet Junto project on Soundcloud.  It's an exploration of a redacted document recently released from the NSA.

The document itself is pretty laughable, but the first thing I thought after looking at it was to turn it on its side and recreate the small mountain range of black lines to control pitch, frequency modulation, volume, and a few other things.

When looking at it this way, in my eyes, it immediately becomes a "musical" document.  After creating a few tracks and putting them thru several permutations based on the document I added a "B" section in which the "A" section gets totally scrambled, last I added a vocal at the end with the words "Are you listening?" For good measure, I ran the vocal thru a "glitch" patch so as to scramble it appropriately.  Wouldn't want anyone to understand it now, would we?

The piece itself is firmly in the "experimental electronic" genre, but I felt like some musicality emerged from it.

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