Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 253: Homage

My freshman year in college I was required to go to many music recitals.  There are many performance majors in a school of music, but all of the students don't normally make time to go see the performance majors perform (which is a requirement for their degree).  So, the School of Music made it a requirement for students to attend "x" number of these a year.  Then on occasion, there would be visiting composers, performers, or groups.  One of these visiting composers was electro-acoustic artist Carl Stone.  I attended a clinic where he played some of his music and spoke about his compositional methods, but was too shy to ask any questions myself.  Later, that evening, I went to a performance and had my mind blown.  It was not like anything I had ever experienced and opened a new door for me musically.  To summarize it changed the direction of all music I would make afterwards.
This piece is a reference to his record "Mom's" and, more specifically, the first track on that record.

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