Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 232: Daily

This is another experiment in collaboration with the Disquiet Junto.

I wanted to include some sounds that were part of my day-to-day life in this modified field recording.  I've always liked the sound of the baler at my job (it compresses cardboard boxes into very flat layers so as to aid in recycling) and I've always felt that it was somewhat musical.  This gave me an excuse to record it.  Second, the quiet one, was just the sound of pumping gas, or petrol, at a filling station.  The pump made an interesting squeaking sound, so I went with it.  The rest is just making them fit together and making the piece somewhat interesting.  Cheers.

More on this 84th Disquiet Junto project, in which two distinct field recordings are connected through a transition between isolated elements, at:

More details on the Disquiet Junto at:

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