Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 252: Exploring the New Rock

So this is a slight homage to the Rolling Stones, but is really more of a diatribe about how things are fucked up in America, A.K.A. "The Land of Opportunity".

First, let me state that I firmly believe America is a pretty great place to live, and it seems like many others agree, otherwise we would have significantly less immigration.  People emigrate to lots of other places, but I doubt Kurdistan has the same problems we do.  What I AM talking about is that while people say "You can be anything you want here." or "The sky's the limit."  I would say that's not quite true.  Some people are victims of circumstance and it's nearly impossible to break out of those circumstances.  Rather than rant anymore I'll let the music speak for itself.

You can almost always get what you want (welcome to America),
In this land of giants and fools, 
you follow each and every rule.  
You think you know how to escape
But you don't know any way. 

 Only in america.

As long as night moves on, 
express yourself in every song, 
hold your head up high,
you can do it all, 
any way you want, 
you will never fall.  

Only in america, 
here in america.

You can almost always get what you want (welcome to America), 

Here in America.

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