Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 299: 300

Here we are at day 300.  I happen to have a little more free time today than most days, so I can at least talk about it a little, as opposed to just post and run (my usual lately).

When I began this project I had a few goals.  First was to see how far I could get, that is, how many days in a row I could post new music and/or sounds.  Well, here we are at 300 and almost all of it is new music.  Next was to create new sounds.  I think I've done that in spades.  In addition, I've had the opportunity to preview patches and rack extensions by new friends and have gotten over 8,000 plays total on my soundcloud account.  That may not sound like much to people who have 1,000 plays for one song, but I have over 300 songs and all of them have multiple plays, so I'll take the trade-off.

All in all, I'm very happy with what has come out in the last 100 days.  I'm glad I didn't stop at 200, though I considered it very seriously.

400 here I come.

Under the canopy, 
under the trees, 
under the shadows, 
behind the breeze.

Beneath the river flowing up above, 
nothing left of our love.

Where did it go?   
Where did it go?  
Why did we let it go?

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