Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 314: The Artificial Lifeform Magick Wars

In the Holy Year 252 A.M.B. the Great and Honorable Rafuzial, his most Prescient Majesty forsook the magickal ways that had ruled his land and began to pursue what would come to be known as Science.  His refusal of the blind acceptance of the ways of his people, nay, his world was not taken lightly and indeed did create much strife and anger among all kinds.

In his 167th year of his pursuit he create the first artificial lifeform, what would come to be known as a robot.  This lifeform was given all the logical reasoning abilities of man, but did not contain any of the emotional reasoning that has blessed our kind.  This would come later, and with its arrival would also come the first Robot/Magick war.

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