Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 305: Kitty Junto

My beginning idea behind this piece was to take the three voices and make something quasi-musical without deconstructing them too much.  The bird has an obvious melodic component, so I wanted to make it into a rhythm instrument.  The pig is almost percussive in nature so I attempted to make it into a pad, lastly the kitten is just annoying, so I wanted to make it entertaining.

The bird song was cut into a smaller loop, then a delay was applied, along with panning.  Lastly, I automated the dry/wet knob so that it would create a kind of tremolo effect.  A piece of the song was used as an intro while the full bird song was used at the end to round it out, crushing the bits while the song plays, symbolic of the destruction that just took place.

The pig's snort was so aggressive that I felt it needed to be washed out and some of the edge taken off.  I decided to use the sample sparingly as it was almost painful to listen to.  To enhance the intensity I applied a pitch shifter 12 steps and 13 steps above the principal to "harmonize".  Heavy reverb was then applied to make it last and last and last.

The kitten is almost like a crying child and that can wear down anyone's patience fast.  I took out most of the silence between "meow's" then applied a glitch/stutter effect interspersed with a grain/pitch shifter to make it sing.  The resulting effect is almost listenable.  

Now if someone can just kill that kitten.

More on this 94th Disquiet Junto project, in which the sound of three animals is combined into an unlikely vocal trio, at:

More details on the Disquiet Junto at:

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