Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 192: Is it the end?

I started this experiment with the intention of going as long as I possibly can, exploring every possibility, trying to take each idea to it's proper end.  During these extremely productive days I've learned much.  I've learned a lot about synth routing, production, song-writing, and collaboration.  The short version is that it was extremely educational and valuable.

On the flip side, I have several other projects that are in various states of disarray.  There are a couple of albums that are nearly finished, there are a couple that are just in the beginning stages, there is one that's DONE, but just needs a final listen and sign-off.

Over the next 7 days I'm going to be thinking very seriously about whether to stop this experiment at 200 days or keep going.  I was initially hoping for stopping at 2,000 days, but in all honesty, I don't know if keeping it going helps or hurts me as a musician.  If I stop at 200 I'll definitely come back to it on occasion and post thoughts, musings, and musical ideas, but it won't be anything like these 200 days.

Feel free to comment.  I appreciate your thoughts.

Today's track is a (now) uncommon singer/songwriter work.

It's cold and wet and dark outside,
And if you only knew.
It's hard and fast and take awhile.
And if you only knew.

We took a left when we should have stopped 
and now, now we're lost.

It's gray and white  and I'm blue today,
because you now know.
It's shallow of me to be so deep,
but I know you know.


It's just a dream, but it's so real.
It's just a thought, but it can knock down walls.


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