Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 195: On Independence Day

Today's track isn't particularly patriotic, or even American, for that matter.  It happens to be raining today, but I wrote the lyrics when the sun was shining, so that's just a coincidence.  Was trying for something a little different... kind of The National meets the KPR-77 drum machine.  Without very meaningful lyrics.


It's gonna rain today, 
And I'll shoot you like an arrow into the sun when it rains.
you have the key, 
you won't bother me, 
It's gonna rain today, they say.

There's no relief at all, 
You will have to climb this wall. 
Only way to get back to you.

It's gonna rain today, 
and you thought you had all the answers. 
It's gonna rain today, they say.

I wanna share your dreams, 
take a piece of your reality, 
It's gonna rain today, they say.


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