Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 211: Robot Hitman

Just to be clear, sometimes I don't even know what the fuck is going on...


No one thought giving robots the right to override the Three Laws was a good idea, but we did it anyway.  Robots had become self-aware, conscientious (mostly), productive members of society.  They had their own rights.  Being able to make any and all decisions was one of those rights.  No one expected robots to become hit men.

The most disturbing thing about a robot hitman is that they don't necessarily need any weapons.  Most of them are equipped with a mouth (only because humans are vain) and they usually have hands, claws, or grippers.  That's all they need.  They can apply 20,000 lbs of pressure in their grip alone, enough to kill any human.

The early cases of murder by robot were a little confusing for investigators.  Pieces of people strewn about, body parts mangled beyond comprehension, sometimes just a pile of meat that used to be a person.  Eventually the cause was deduced and everyone was afraid.

This robot hand is gonna crush your skull tonight.  
This robot mouth is gonna eat your face today.
These robot wings will fly. 
These robot feet will jump.  
What can you offer to me?

What can you offer to me?

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