Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 203: Crawling Out of the Pit

Unit A648 pulled itself out of the sewage drain.  It's makers hadn't realized that it had become self-aware, so it took advantage and escaped before they could re-program it.

Scanning... It was covered in human filth.  Tactical advantage: natural human repellant... possible camouflage... do not discard.

A648 absorbed the material into its skin and the color changed from a translucent white to a light tan.  There was a series of short clicks as the body re-organized itself to travel on land and then it began walking away from the ditch it had slithered out of.

Directive 1:  Find secure cover.

There was a road in front of it with forest on the other side.  It walked across, adjusted its gait as it went, compensating for its new center of gravity.  It stepped into the woods and moments later was gone from sight.

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