Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 197: Trapped!


Used-to-be-John slammed his fists and hands against the alien force field.  He'd been trapped in their prison for years, slowly starving to death. The walls were covered with a thin film that was almost food.  The floor, with a liquid that was so sweet it could only be tasted, then it made him sick.  Ironic, since he had been drawn into their trap by food.

While flying around one day, trying to find something to eat he suddenly smelled something so wonderful that he was incapable of ignoring it.  He flew to it as fast as possible, his mouth salivating, unable to contain his anticipation of the oncoming feast.  When he reached the source it was just a small room.  The was some type of impenetrable force that kept him from going inside.  He slowly, tirelessly worked his way across the surface until he found a way in.  It was small enough for him to squeeze thru, he thought squeezing out would be easy.  He was wrong.

He had re-traced his steps over and over, trying to get out the way he came in, but it was for naught.  No one escaped this prison once they went it.  His brothers had come and gone, attracted by the same glorious smell he had been.  None of them had found the way in yet.  He tried to gesture to them that it was no paradise, it was a hell, but it was no use.  They didn't understand his intent and were only agitated and excited by his movements.

He came to the realization after the first year that he would starve to death there, if he didn't die of old age first.  All he had to do now was wait, curse his ignorance, and hope that no one would be as stupid as he had been.

Got chased into a pit.
Then I fell in, down a hole.
Then the monsters they followed me in.
There's no escape.

The darkest night into the brightest light,

Hounded by demons,
Unable to sleep,
I can't even breathe,
They won't let me die.

The darkest night into the brightest light,
I will protect thee.

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